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At FNT Bakery we specialise in frozen thaw-back bread and rolls.

From our origins of supplying fresh bread daily across Sydney we have had a first hand experience with our managing the pain points of the food service industry and retailers alike. Whether it be the time spent placing daily orders, managing correct quantities of fresh stock to minimise waste or maintaining consistent quality, having a quality supply of materials is paramount to repeat customers and ultimately the success of your business.

Freezing bread and rolls is something we are all familiar with. Commonly a large number of households already practice handling their bread in this way to extend the shelf life of the products after purchasing. At FNT Bakery we have put a lot of time and expert experience into perfecting our production process to achieve maximum freshness in our bread and rolls.

We maintain committed to naturally preserving our products with the goal to minimise national food waste and improve our environmental footprint.

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